When the plumbing system in your Long Beach, CA house is working properly, water will flow freely from the faucets and water will be drained away from the house by the drains. It can make daily tasks more difficult or even impossible if your drains are slow or clogged.Some homeowners try to repair their drain problems by themselves using a liquid clog cleaner. These products are not always effective. These products can also cause significant damage to the pipes’ interiors.

A regular drain cleaning service is the best way to fix a slow drain and keep it from getting worse. This service can benefit your plumbing system in many ways.


This service is best if your drains are performing better. A drain cleaning service can clear clogs from drains that are slow and allow water to flow again.

If you have any debris in your pipes that has not caused any damage to your drains, we will remove it. This will prevent a clog later. The drain cleaning service will make sure that water flows freely down the drain.


You should call a plumber if you smell foul-smelling drains at your Long Beach, CA, home. Pipes can become clogged with soap scum, hair, food and other debris over time. When food clogs the drain, it can cause foul odors. This can cause the smell to waft around the room, making it stinky.

A drain cleaning service will remove any odorous substances, making your home smell new again. This service is performed annually to eliminate the problem of stinky drains.


It will be expensive to schedule regular drain cleanings, but it can save you money in the end. You should be concerned about the health of your drains.

These include water contamination, burst pipes and higher than normal water bills. Each one of these problems will cost a lot to fix. Therefore, it is important to maintain good drain health and have them cleaned every year.


A few of the products you purchase in the grocery store can cause damage to your pipes. The inside of your pipes can be damaged if grease or soap scum builds up.

You should have your drain cleaned every year if you want to preserve the integrity of your Long Beach, CA plumbing. This will eliminate all debris and prevent any harmful chemicals from damaging the pipes.


Clogs can cause drains to gurgle when water is poured down. If the water is unable to drain the drain due to a clog it will change direction and try to find another route. This is why you hear a gurgling sound.

A drain cleaning service will allow water to flow straight down the drain and prevent gurgling. The drains will remain clean and quiet if they are cleaned every year.


Your drains may be the reason for fruit flies appearing in your kitchen. Any food and debris that gets down the drain can stick to grease and other debris.

This is the ideal breeding ground for fruit fly larvae. You can find many DIY methods online that will help you eliminate fruit flies. However, calling a plumber to clean your drains is the best option. Clean drains will make it impossible for fruit flies or other pests to establish their homes, eliminating the problem.


An annual drain cleaning service is a good option if your toilet is often overflowing. Toilet paper and other waste can build up over time in the sewage pipes. If this buildup is too severe, your toilets may overflow.

An annual drain cleaning will eliminate waste and toilet paper, so you won’t have to rely on your plunger anymore.


Nothing is worse than finding water backed up in your house when you return home. This is not only a problem that can be messy, but also costly. A drain cleaning service should be performed each year to keep your drains clear and clean. This will prevent water from backing up.