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  •   Ron and Dominique were determined to solve my plumbing issues. I live in a building that consistently has issues with the plumbing and I knew the job could be... read more

    thumb Victoria T.

      On Thursday 12/1/22, A1 Best sent Ronald out after dark--on the same day I called--to inspect and flush my water heater. So far the vibration we were hearing from the... read more

    thumb James F.

      They service high rise units! I called several plumbers, only to learn most do not service buildings higher than 3 floors! They responded and quickly resolved our problem. My daughter... read more

    thumb Keli R.
  •   We have worked with A1 Plumbing multiple times (we have a very large tree in front of our house and the roots create a constant problem) and have never been... read more

    thumb Andy R.

      I'm very satisfied with A1 Best Plumbing services. This is the first time I use them. I called them late last evening and they took my call. Their prompt response... read more

    thumb Patricia D.

      I had main line clogged in North Long Beach and of course everyone wants to charge a million dollars or arrive at 8am the following day. That's guys we're prompt... read more

    thumb Nicolas M.
  •   I called for replacement of the washing machine intake valves. If our house had been built correctly, this would have been a very straight forward job. Unfortunately, the valves had... read more

    thumb Andrew M.

      We had a problem with our water heater on a Sunday night. Vince was helpful on the phone and then Ron and Dominique arrived early the next morning to fix... read more

    thumb John W.

      Vince is a problem solver who is willing to go over and above on difficult jobs. (And of course can handle the easy stuff too.). Ron and Dominique are... read more

    thumb Bob D.