Whole-home repipes generally take between 2 days to an entire week sometimes, to complete, depending on the size of your home and the type of piping system already in place.

How Is Repiping Actually Completed?

Most Plumbers in Long Beach, CA will often times tell you that a typical repiping process can be divided into 5 pivotal steps:

Learning your schedule — Between school, work, and whatever else life throws at you, family time and time to yourself is everything. Repiping a whole-home can be a somewhat of a pretty BIG task to take on.

There’s generally a team of licensed and experienced plumber using tools, getting on ladders, and carrying gear through your home– not the perfect setting for a family dinner, or even a quiet night to yourself after a long day of work. So the very first thing an experienced Plumber in Long Beach, CA does is communicate with you and your family to learn the best times to be in your home, and we adhere to those time frames.

Preparing to repipe — Repiping a home with PEX pipe is a minimally invasive procedure. That being said, your home still becomes a construction site that is low-level complete with ladders, tools, and openings being sawed into your ceilings and walls.

A quality Plumber in Long Beach, CA never wants to make or leave a mess in anyone’s home, so prior to beginning the work, a qualified plumber generally covers up your floors, furniture, and any of your possessions with a drop-cloth. In addition, before leaving your home for the day, the technician will make sure to clean up our mess so you and your family can spend time at a home that doesn’t appear to look like a construction site.

Installing the new pressurized potable water system — After creating a safe space to work, our Long Beach Plumbers begin installing a completely new pressurized potable water piping system in your home. Unless otherwise told. Plumbers will also install a new system while the older system is still running, and on the final day, there will be a changeover to the new system.

Changeover — This is the longest step of the whole-home repiping process. The changeover is when our plumbers finally turn off the old system, unplug all tie-ins from the water service line to your home’s old plumbing, and tie in the new system.

Once again, our Plumbers In Long Beach, CA clearly understand that you and your family probably appreciate as little disruption to your daily routine as possible, so if the plumbers foresee the changeover process taking more than a day, the technicians will work with your family to changeover the most essential faculties first so that your family has access to water to drink, cook with, wash with, and bathe in.

Clean-Up — After our Long Beach plumbers changed the water service line over to the new system, we clean up any mess- sawdust, tools, stray rust, water, or dirt- that may be left over from the repipe process.

Prior to beginning the repiping of your home, an experienced plumber may also go over options for ways to make the most of your whole-home repipe, including new faucets and fixtures as well as patching, texturing, and painting packages to fix any holes that were made to install your new pressurized potable water distribution system.