The plumbing system of a house is made up of a variety of components. However, when you hear the word”plumbing,” what comes to mind first? Most of the time, we’d bet it’s the pipes. Without pipes, a house doesn’t have a plumbing system of any type. .

Most of the time, a majority of homeowners often take their pipes for granted, imagining that the piping will be able to last for as long as they reside in the house. But almost all homes at some point will need repiping services.

Unfortunately, this can be restricted, such as removing a single leaking section or to accommodate a new sort of appliance. Or it can get extensive, such as whole-house repiping, where plumbers remove all the pipes and swap them for newer materials, such as copper and plastics.

How Old Is Your House?

The age of a home is one of the main determinants in when it needs to be repiped. A home that was developed prior to 1970 most likely contains out-of-date metals such as galvanized steel.

It was only after 1970 that copper replaced a handful of these metals, as well as durable and corrosion-resistant plastics such as PEX and CPVC. If your house is constructed before 1970, our Long Beach Plumbers suggest you have a plumber take a look to figure out if there are places that need to be repiped.

For a home built before World War II, it’s almost certain that it requires extensive repiping. Unless the home has already had repiping done, it is going to have pipe materials such as cast iron, galvanized steel, and even clay making up its plumbing system.

In addition, the home has probably already suffered from an assortment of leaks and other plumbing issues, and whole-house repiping is probably the best solution. It’s a huge step, but it will also make a BIG difference in the future of the house.

How Frequent Are Plumbing Issues?

If your house isn’t in the age range where repiping is probably a necessity, a good measure of its plumbing health is how often it needs repairs. You should try and arrange to have leak detection completed on your home every few years to provide plumbers in Long Beach, CA a chance to locate hidden water leaks.

If plumbers find the leaks are extensive, you should think about having repiping completed. You probably won’t need to have whole-house repiping, but the plumbers may discover patches of rust along your copper pipes.

Professional Repiping

Our Plumbers in Long Beach, CA suggest you never ask for amateurs to handle repiping a house, no matter the size of the job. Only professional technicians can have the job done fast and in the right form.

In spite of a whole-house repiping job, professional plumbers in Long Beach, CA will make sure there is as little disruption to home life as possible and small trace of the work is left behind when completed.