Your home’s main sewer line is buried beneath the yard, making it difficult to identify a potential broken sewer-line.


Every once in a while, your bathroom, drain or sink can experience a drain that gets a bit plugged up, in these situations, a clog can be a pretty easy fix. But when a clog happens frequently, especially at multiple drains, this may be a clear indication of an obstructed sewer-line.

Soggy Water Spots In The Yard

A leaking sewer line can be caused by a break or collapse. Some of these leaks are a bit more difficult to find than others, especially in areas where the sewage line is buried very deep.

While a leak within the sewer line is all but invisible, it may grow in warmer climates where it isn’t necessary to spoil lines very heavy because of a shallow frost.

Unsavory Odors

You may not always be able to identify a sewage line issue there’s a higher probability that you will smell it. Any odor of sewer gas that is sufficiently powerful to permeate a house is a notable sign of a plumbing problem.

This may be a indication of a sewer line clog, even as backups will often push sewer gases up drains. Nonetheless, if the odor is potent in the yard, it is most likely that the sewer line is leaking.