In 1990, the mandatory standard saved 3.2 quadrillion kilowatts of energy. A further change was made in 2004 to save 6 quads of electricity. The current standard will generate more savings. This results in a 3.3 quadrillion electricity savings for water heaters purchased between 2015 and 2044.

It is estimated that homeowners and property owners can save around $63 billion on their energy bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 172.5 millions metric tons. This amount is equal to nearly 40 million cars’ greenhouse gas emissions.

What does it mean for you?

Long Beach CA plumbers will tell you that water heater designers and manufacturers have worked hard to develop heating systems in order to determine the new standards.

Manufacturers can sell systems that are not compliant with the new standards only if they have new systems. The Long Beach plumbers advise that you only consider systems that comply with the regulations if you are looking to upgrade your water heater.

Water Efficiency Improvements Mean Savings

A water heater that conforms to the new standard will provide homeowners with the best benefits: without a doubt, savings! The bottom line is that the more efficient your water heater, the more you will save.

There are many standards that you can choose from depending on what type of water heater it is.

  • Gas-fired water heaters need to meet an Energy Factor of 0.675 for systems less than 55 gallons. Systems larger than 55 gallons require 0.8012 EF.
  • An EF of 0.68 must be met for oil-fired water heaters larger than 50 gallons.
  • Electric water heaters below 55 gallons must attain 0.960 EF. Systems between 55 and 120 gallons need to achieve 2.057 EF.
  • Tankless water heaters should meet either 0.82 (gas-fired) or 0.93(electric) requirements.