Outdoor spigots make it easy to get fresh water outside your house. A spigot can be attached to a standard water hose Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that it is essential for watering your garden and washing your car. The outdoor spigot may become faulty over time.

Dripping faucets or faucets that spray from a variety of crevices are a waste of natural resources and a drain on your bank accounts. Although misting spray may look nice, you can make it more effective when the water is directed at plants in controlled gardens.

Long Beach plumbers will tell you that spigots that are worn or broken should be replaced.

Understanding the Different Types of Outdoor Spigots

The hose bib is the most popular outdoor spigot. This design typically has the valve located under the handle of the spigot and is exposed to the elements, such as snow, freezing and severe weather.

Sill faucets are spigots that can be hung against the wall. Because sill faucets and bibs have the same threads, they allow for a garden-hose to be attached. The water pipe can be attached to the wall using a sill faucet or a hose bib. The faucet handle is vulnerable and it is insulated from freezing weather.

How to Install a New Spigot

An experienced Long Beach plumber can replace an existing spigot easily. It becomes more difficult when the homeowner needs to move or install a new Spigot.

This type of installation requires that a Long Beach Plumber locates and tap into an existing water supply line close to the new location. This involves digging a trench to locate the existing water line, and then running a new water pipeline to the new location. Local Plumbers in Long Beach, CA can replace or install a water spigot. This requires some plumbing experience.