You will need a plumber for any plumbing problem, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. How do you choose a reputable and qualified plumber who will not only solve the problem but also build a lasting relationship? Find out the answers to these questions and more with the help of our plumbing repair company.

Many people would prefer to have a plumbing problem resolved quickly than spend valuable time calling multiple plumbers.

With A1 Best Plumbing, your plumbing will be in good hands. Our plumbers are professional and efficient while treating your home and business with respect.

What Attributes and Requirements should I look for?

Although Long Beach plumbers have many common skills, the skilled and qualified plumbers often share the following characteristics.


Local municipalities and counties set all prerequisites for California plumbing licenses. Although the state requires that both individual and contractor plumbers be licensed, it is not clear which entity will issue the permit.

Individual contractors as well as contractors who work with a plumbing business get permits from the state. However, individual plumbers are licensed and licensed by their respective municipalities and/or counties.


An apprentice is someone who is new to the plumbing trade. They are currently enrolled in training programs. An apprenticeship is a combination of classes and on-the job training.


Apprentice plumbers are those who have completed a program in plumbing or have at least four year experience.


After completing at least two years as journeyman plumber and seven years total plumbing experience, a plumber can reach the rank of master plumber. There are also requirements that a plumber must pass in order to become a master plumber.


It is crucial to find a Long Beach plumber who can provide proof of insurance. California requires that plumbers have minimum general liability coverage with $100,000 coverage for bodily injury, and $25,000 for damage to property.


Reputable plumbers will know the lasting effects professionalism has on every customer and job.

Professionalism is when the plumber arrives on-time, calls if they are late and answers all your questions. Professionalism also means that your home and business will be treated with respect and care during every appointment.


A great resource for finding reliable plumbers is your family and friends. You can also find reliable reviews on a plumber or plumbing company at the Better Business Bureau or other online service-related websites.

Is it important to consider the type of property when choosing a plumber?

All plumbing procedures have the same purpose: to bring water to your home or business, and also remove wastewater. Building and zoning regulations and codes often specify specific plumbing requirements that some plumbers and companies are capable of handling.

New Construction

Proper design and professional installation are essential for a successful plumbing system and long-lasting performance in a new building.

This is a great way to prevent leaks and other problems after construction is completed and the occupants move in. We coordinate with all our subcontractors and contractors to ensure that your project stays on budget and on time, no matter how large it is.


Long Beach’s skilled and qualified plumbers will be able to solve any residential plumbing problem. Leakage of faucets or shower heads, leaking water heaters or backed up sewer lines are all possible home plumbing issues.


Because of the many municipal codes that relate to commercial properties, commercial plumbing is considered a specialization in plumbing.

Are you currently licensed and insured?

To protect the property owners and plumbers, municipalities and states require licenses and insurance.

You may also be unable to recover damages if the workmanship of a plumber isn’t up-to-standard and they aren’t licensed or insured.

Do You Provide Warranties Or Guarantees?

Reputable plumbers will stand behind their work. This can often be done with a warranty or guarantee.

A warranty is generally a written guarantee that the plumbing will be repaired or replaced if it becomes problematic within a certain time. Although a guarantee can be used in place of a warranty, it is not usually as clearly defined.

Who can do the work?

Sometimes, a plumbing company may assign different jobs to different plumbers on the same property. This is usually done based on licensing and experience. It is always a good idea to determine who will do the work, in case they have different credentials.

Do you offer emergency service?

Ask the plumber if they offer emergency service if you are satisfied with their work. It will come in handy in the event that your shower suddenly bursts at 2 a.m. You won’t need to call more than one company to get a plumber.

Is it possible to estimate the cost of service?

The final cost of plumbing services will vary depending on what type of plumbing is required, the extent of the issue, and the labor involved.

A plumber who has experience will be able give an estimate on the cost of a job for both home and business owners.

Keep in mind that there might be other factors not obvious until the plumber arrives to complete the job. The final price will likely be higher than the estimate if this happens.

What can I do to protect myself against the issue?

Regular system maintenance and prompt repairs can usually prevent plumbing problems. It’s a great idea to inquire about what you can do to prevent recurring problems between your regularly scheduled plumbing services.

What caused the issue?

A plumber is usually called when there is a problem in the plumbing system. Common plumbing problems can often be diagnosed after the services have been completed.

Long Beach’s plumbers will be able explain the root cause of the problem to you before any work is done.

What can I do before selecting a plumber?

There are many variables and information to consider when choosing a plumber. These three tips will help you select a plumber who is qualified to handle your unique plumbing needs.

Get at Least 2 Plumbers

Even if you have the qualifications to call a plumber, it is always a good idea to get another opinion. You can make a better decision if you have more information. You can also assess the pricing of services by having more options.

Create a Cheat Sheet

You can compile a list of plumbers that you have called, along with all relevant information, including qualifications and pricing for each company. Having all of this information together will make it easier to compare plumbers side-by-side when choosing a plumber for your occupation.

Before calling, make sure you choose what you want or need.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to explain a problem over the phone. If possible, take a moment to reflect on why you are calling.

Although most plumbers in Long Beach are qualified and experienced, they may not be able to fully understand the situation. However, it is a good idea to make a list to help you select the right plumber.