Are you looking to hire a plumber for your home? The plumbing in your new home is perfect – at least it seems so. You may still need to call a plumber, even if there isn’t a problem immediately.

Here are the top reasons you should find and hire a plumber before your home needs repairs.

It Is Not As Hard As You Think

It would be so easy to google, point and click to find the best plumbers in your area. This strategy is not always successful. Finding the right plumber for you takes effort and time.

Waiting until an emergency occurs or something breaks can lead to substandard contractors who leave you with more problems or cost you more. What is the best time to start looking for a plumber? There is no reason to delay. You can begin the process as soon as your move in to your new home.

You will feel less stressed if you start sooner than you should.

Hiring A Plumber Can Be Complex

Finding the right plumber is not always easy. You may need to have a lot of options and a lot of time. You can simplify the process if this is your first house or first time hiring a plumber.

Start Local

Start by doing a local search. You should eliminate contractors who are located far from you. You’ll be charged more if the company has to travel an hour to reach you.

The speed of service can also be affected by where you live. In an emergency situation, for example, you need a plumber who is able to get there quickly. It is possible for a contractor to be located in another town, but they may not reach you until the damage has been repaired.

Get Legitimate Recommendations

Once you have narrowed your search down to local plumbers you can begin researching possible candidates. Although internet-based recommendations may be helpful in certain cases, it is not always possible to verify the authenticity of these recommendations. Talk to people you trust, not people who are paid to write recommendations.

Ask your agent for recommendations if you are new to the area. Expand your search by asking neighbors and joining local social media communities.

Select the Options

You should make a list of the things you need from your plumber. You may want to include services such as emergency services, drain cleaning expertise, extended business hours, and any other services that you feel you might need.

Call the companies after you have selected a few contractors. Check out their services and ask about their fees. Do they charge an hourly or a flat fee? Get a complete listing of emergency hours and business hours.

It’s A Necessity to Hire A Plumber

Your new home might be in good shape right now but it will not stay that way forever. You will need this contractor at some point in the life of your home, regardless if you have an immediate problem or years before you need one.

, For example, according to International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

  • Traditional tank water heaters can last six to twelve years.
  • Sump pumps can last seven years.
  • Toilet tank components are durable for five years

These are just average numbers. However, they (and all plumbing components) may fail one day. There is no reason to wait until your system starts having problems before hiring a plumber.

Consider the hiring process a preventative measure to lower the chance of serious plumbing damage. It will also save you time and money over the long-term.