Clogs in the main line can cause major disruption to your home. It is pivotal to spot them early so that they don’t become a problem. To help you better understand how to deal with these cases, here are some helpful tips. 

Warning Signs

Although it is often obvious that there is a problem with your sewer lines, it is important to be aware of the signs that can help you get it fixed prior to it becoming more serious.

Our Long Beach Plumbers highly suggest that you look out for signs such as:

  • Your toilet makes gurgling sounds
  • Drains backing up in the bathtub or sink
  • The basement floor drain is surrounded by water.

Remember that a single clogged pipe can only affect one fixture. Even though you might not be capable of draining the sink, it is possible to flush the toilet or run the dishwasher with no problems.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the main line will be affected. If the main line is blocked, all plumbing fixtures in your home can be affected. For example, water and sewage could rise from the bathtub drain if you turn on the washer.

Main Line Clogs: Possible Causes

Two causes are most common in Long Beach, CA for main line clogs.

Many homes in the area have combination sewers. This means that your home’s storm drains and your house’s sewer lines both run to the same sewage system. These systems can back up during heavy rains, which can easily cause problems for homeowners trying to continue with their normal lives, such as washing dishes, bathing and laundry.

Tree roots are the biggest reason for main line clogs. As roots become more sensitive to moisture, they continue digging through the ground in search of water. They eventually find their way to the sewer line and become incredibly strong. These roots can get into pipes and grow inside the pipes, creating backups and clogs.

In addition, most Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that clogs can also be caused by thick toilet paper or feminine products. 

How to Unclog Your Main Line

It is possible to clear the blockage by using professional equipment drain cleaning. A majority of cases will be handled by a hydro jet or cable to remove roots and clean out sewer lines. Excavating the main line can be required in rare instances, but it is extremely rare. Regular sewer line cleanings can prevent clogs.