There are many types of drains in your home, along with numerous feet of pipes. Clogged drains can lead to serious problems, so it is important to hire a licensed plumber. A clogged drain can be avoided by following these steps.

When you are doing spring cleaning, please be cautious when using your sinks and drains. People should use common sense to avoid putting certain items down the drain.

You should dispose of certain fluids, such as harsh chemicals and cooking oil, pet products and heavy paper goods, cotton wipes, and even “flushable” baby wipes, away from your residential drainage and plumbing system. Clogged drains, flooding, blocked sewer lines and other problems can result.

For immediate assistance, call our licensed Long Beach plumbers if any part of your water system is not functioning or isn’t working properly.

Sump pumps

A serious overflowing water/plumbing problem will often be more severe at the lowest point. This is why Long Beach, CA homeowners have sump pumps in their cellars, basements, crawl spaces, or laundry rooms.

Sump pumps can reduce or eliminate excess water from your home, exterior walls, or seasonal flooding. Sump pumps can actually be a lifesaver for many outgoing sewer lines in Long Beach, CA, as they help to regulate springtime demand.

Combining the use of a pump and diagnosing the flooding problem will speed up the resolution of your plumbing problems.