High water pressure is a common problem in our area. To reduce the pressure, most homes have a pressure-reducing device installed to adjust water flow. If you have normal water pressure but notice a drop in pressure, it is worth calling a licensed Long Beach plumber to come check it out.

There May Be A Few Causes Of Low Water Pressure

  1. Galvanized water lines can still be found in older homes. They are more likely to collect debris as they age. Like arteries, they get clogged over time. The debris builds up and makes it less fluid-able. Our licensed Long Beach Plumbers will be able to diagnose the problem and repair it.
  2. If water-saving inserts are installed, water flow may be limited at fixtures.
  3. If you have one faucet with low water pressure, we suggest that you clean the aerator (the mesh screen on many faucets that regulates water flow to balance or reduce water pressure) first and then see if it helps.
  4. Low water pressure, on the other end of the spectrum can mean that your pipes are leaking. You might have noticed an increase in your water bill if this is the case.

Prevent Serious Damage to Your Water Line

You and your family will find yourself running the water heaters longer than usual to clean your bodies or wash your hands. You might not know that most of the water entering your pipes could be seeping into the ground or into your home’s structure. This can lead to serious water damage to your home, in addition to a high bill.