People often try to fix a blocked drain by themselves but end up calling a Long Beach plumber when it doesn’t work out. Many DIY drain-cleaning methods people have tried don’t work. Others do more harm than good. We urge you to consider the following options if you are considering giving them a shot.

Water down the drain using the garden hose. Some people believe that the pressure will unclog the drain.

It’s much more likely that you will: A – Get water everywhere. B – Damage your plumbing pipes. Or C – Go through a lot more trouble than it accomplishes.

Drain cleaning chemical We don’t like to see store-bought chemicals in a home. These chemicals can be dangerous for children, pets, and any other person who may get the liquid on their skins or eyes.

They won’t work with a blocked drain and repeated use (as you will likely need to) could cause damage to your pipes.

Drain augers A drain auger is a handy tool that can be used by a plumber to fix a problem, but if it’s misused, it can cause serious damage to a pipe. They are not suggested for larger pipes.

Our Long Beach Plumbers also suggest you grab a coat hanger and whack at your drain clog . This idea is so genius that it deserves a hard scolding. This will result in a bent coat hanger that is stuck to your drain clog.