Natural gas leaks can cause serious explosions and asphyxiation. Gas line services are not for DIYers or handymen. You should evacuate your home right away if you detect a smell of rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound from an appliance or pipe. These signs are indicators of a gas leak, and you should immediately evacuate your home.

A large percentage of licensed Long Beach plumbers can provide:

Gas Leak Detection Natural gas lines can be found in all kinds of places, including hot tubs, water heaters and furnaces. Long Beach plumbers are able to pinpoint the exact location of gas leaks so they can be repaired.

Gas Leak Repairs It is vital that gas leaks are repaired quickly and correctly. Long Beach plumbers are able to determine if a gas pipe is safe to repair or need to be replaced.

Gas Line Installation It’s much less likely to have a gas leak if your gas lines are professionally installed. Do not attempt this task yourself.