It is one of the things you probably don’t talk too much about, but you might find yourself often wondering about preventing odor in bathroom. Whether it’s cleaning up after the kids, foul sink odors, or frequent bathroom offenses, most Plumbers in Long Beach, CA will tell you that there are some things you can do to keep odor at bay.

As you conduct a bathroom sniff test, you’ll find a variety of potential culprits, including:

The drain. Our Plumbers in Long Beach, CA say that with the whole mishmash of soap, tooth paste, hair, hair products, skin flakes, and the other mysteries that make their way down the bathroom drain, over time the odor can become unbearable.

If you make a routine habit of running hot water down the drain after you use it, you can help eliminate the odor. In addition, a little weekly maintenance of pouring about a quarter cup of baking soda or a cup of vinegar down the drain, followed up with warm water, will alleviate a great deal of the odors. Furthermore, our Long Beach Plumbers suggest that you try to keep hair from going down the drain. In addition to leading to odors, hair can also lead to drain clogs.

The bathroom. Naturally, the toilet is likely to have some odor for a brief time after it is used. However, if an odor lingers, you could have a problem. You can start by checking out the toilet wax ring. If it’s worn down, you don’t have a seal, air is forced between bottom of the toilet and the floor.

Moreover, try and keep the base of the bathroom clean. Use a solid cleaner or bleach. Clean the floors around the bathroom often.

The shower. If taking a shower has become a stinky ordeal, you might have some sort of blockage. Over time, hair can clog the drain and cause soap buildup in the pipe. You or your plumber can use a snake to clear the line.

Our Plumbers in Long Beach, CA say that you can also try vinegar or baking soda down the drain. You can purchase inexpensive hair strainers for your bathtub and shower to keep potential under control. They can be purchased at home improvement or plumbing stores.

If odors persist, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. A professional can help you determine the source of the stench and fix the issue so you can enjoy an odor-free bathroom that you’re not embarrassed for your guests to use.