Most homeowners often are scared of plumbing problems, but the problems they fear the most are the easiest to repair. For example, a clogged toilet is typically a temporary inconvenience that can be solved using a plunger or plumber’s snake. A slab leak, on the other hand, is a much larger concern and can create a legitimate plumbing disaster.

If you don’t know what these are, slab leaks are water leaks underneath your home’s concrete foundation. They’re not like pipe leaks inside your home because they are a bit harder to detect. You won’t see water dripping or find a puddle under the sink. Early awareness of the issue can help lessen the damage.

Be aware of these 4 known symptoms of a slab leak.

You Watch or Smell Mold

It’s not uncommon to mould or smell mold in a basement. As a matter of fact, some homeowners smell it, ignore it, and eventually desensitize themselves to the odor. Mold generally disturbs someone enough that they try to troubleshoot where it originated. Don’t ignore mold or its smell. While it is not always a sign you have a slab leak, it needs to be checked out by your local Long Beach Plumber as soon as possible.

You Discover Water Puddles

Water puddles can be deceiving. In the basement, you might think your water heater is leaking. If you have a single-story home and discover water puddles in the kitchen or bathroom, you may suspect a leaky dishwasher or a toilet that needs repair. If none of your appliances, sinks, or toilets need repair, it may be a slab leak.

Don’t act like the puddles are not a problem. Get your local Long Beach Plumber on the job and have them go through the steps to figure out if you have a slab leak.

Your Utility Bills Can Rise

An increase in your utility bill is always cause for concern. If it’s summer and you’ve been running the hose for the garden or the child’s pool, that might be one of the reasons the sudden jump on your water bill has happened. But if you have nothing unusual going on with water usage and your bill goes up drastically, you may have a slab leak.

Since slab leaks happen in the pipes under your house, you may be able to hear water running after you turn the water off. When you can not determine why your utility bill continues to increase, it is time to call a professional Long Beach Plumber in to figure things out.

There Are Changes In Your Foundation

Slab leaks can cause settling in your foundation. Most of the times, the reason for this is either water damage or soil erosion. On the outside of your home, you might discover cracks in the foundation. Inside, you might find cracks in the walls. It is highly recommend that you contact a local Long Beach Plumber so that you can find the problem and repair it straight away.

None of these problems should be ignored. They may or may not end up being a slab leak. The essential key is currently discovering and fixing plumbing issues no matter what they are.