It’s strange to see your water heater acting oddly when you most need it. You might be annoyed by hot water, too hot water or water that is not heating at all. Water heaters are essential for our homes and daily domestic chores, as cold and freezing winters account for a large portion of our year’s weather. We have compiled a list of common problems and countermeasures to help you resolve them and get along with your water heater.

Do Not Heat Water

A water heater that doesn’t heat water is useless. It is as useless as any other thing, but you can’t throw it away or buy a new one. It may be that the water heater is not heating water. This could depend on its make and model.

You will need to repair electric and gas water heaters differently. Grab the manual and read the instructions. If the problem persists, contact an electrician. Consult an electrician if the problem continues.

Thermostat Not Working as Expected

Another problem with water heaters is this: Your thermostat can be set to a certain temperature, but it will only heat water that is too hot or cold for you.

Old water heaters are most at risk. First, adjust the thermostat to set the desired temperature. Next, check the water temperature at the faucet. You should check for leakages, and make sure the pressure relief valve works properly. Contact a professional Long Beach Plumber if the problem persists.

Discoloration, Pungent, Unpleasant Stain

Sometimes water can become discolored or have a pungent odor after heating. This is a sign that the water has become discolored or has a pungent smell. You need to determine if the heater is responsible.

If the smells of hot and cold water are identical, it could be an issue with your water source. If the problem is only found in hot water, it could be the sulphate deposits on the anode terminal that infuse the smell, or the iron, lead, or other mineral that add their hues to the water.

Making Funny Noises

A water heater that is efficient, functional, and reliable will work silently, no matter how hard you try to make it do its job. It is important to have your water heater checked if it has been making funny or gurgling noises. You might hear a few small clicks that indicate a possible power interruption or malfunction. If you ignore it, the heater could smolder, causing more damage.