What do you think about plumbing emergencies? No matter what type of disaster strikes your house, Long Beach’s emergency plumber should be called.

A plumbing emergency can happen right before a holiday or special occasion.

Diverse types of plumbing emergencies

Basement Flood This can lead to serious damage to your house and cause a lot of stress.

Toilet Flood – Call a Long Beach plumber immediately if the water from your toilet doesn’t drain or continues to flow around your floor.

Blockage in the Drain: Dispose of leftover food, hair and grease. Water flow interruptions can occur when these solid wastes are not dissolved in water.

Problem with your Water Heater: If you have damaged your plumbing fixtures, your water heater won’t provide hot water.

What to Do in Plumbing Emergencies

A1 Best Plumbing demands that they arrive at your location in a reasonable amount of time. They are not Superman. Give them time.

1. Always keep an emergency kit. You will also need a multipurpose screwdriver as well as a variety of Allen keys.

2 Locate your main water shutoff valve and turn it on.

3. Shut off the water heater

4. You should always turn off isolation valves at the least once a year to keep them in good condition.

5. Take care when using chemical cleaners. Use a cleaner that won’t corrode pipes.

6. Dispose of leftovers in separate bins. Keep grease separate.

7. Check the faucets regularly. If there is mineral rust around the faucets or water pooling, it could indicate a problem.

8. Clear out all debris from your drains that could block them and cause a plumbing emergency.

9. Rodents can make nests in gutters and sewer lines.

10. Last, but not least, check the expiration dates of your plumbing fixtures.