Did it surprise you that the water from your kitchen sink gushes like water, but when you take a shower upstairs, only a small amount of water is emitted?

Perhaps you feel that you don’t have enough water pressure and worry about your water bill tomorrow. Water pressure differences between the first floor and second floors are normal. There are however ways to increase the water pressure in your upstairs bath so that you can get the spa treatment you desire.

Any fluctuations in your house’s water pressure must be fixed immediately.

How to manage low water pressure upstairs

Water Pressure Restrictors for Faucets

Many kitchen hardware and bathroom accessories have a water pressure limiter. Low water pressure can make it hard to use your shower or faucet.

You can fix this by removing the restriction on your faucet heads. Locate the rubber piece that is against the faucet’s opening. You can remove the rubber with your finger and tweezers. Next, screw the faucet head into place.

Too low water pressure

Water flows along pipes and loses pressure due to friction. The water will flow more easily through pipes than upstairs, so it is a good idea to have your upstairs water pressure slightly lower than downstairs. Contact a plumber in Long Beach to test and adjust your water pressure regulator.

Pipe buildup

Low water pressure upstairs can be caused by a buildup of dirt or other debris in the pipes. To remove any dirt, scrub it with an old toothbrush. Then soak it in household vinegar overnight. Check your water pressure by attaching the shower-head again. Contact a Long Beach plumber for assistance.

House Water Pressure Changes over Time

High Use for the Same Water Line

Your neighbors may have a common waterline, depending on city regulations. If you notice changes in your water pressure, you can talk to your neighbors.

A single person could fill up a swimming pool with water or run a car wash using their hose. After the neighbors have finished, your water pressure should return to normal.

Faulty Pressure Regulating Valve

Water pressure can fluctuate or drop over time if there is a problem in your pressure regulator valve. Call a plumber immediately to inspect your valve.

Water Supply in City

Unusual fluctuations in your home’s water pressure could be a sign of a problem with the city’s water supply. A blockage or outage could cause a blockage or leakage of water.

Pipes and Old pipes: Building

With age, pipes can become more clogged. A plumber should address this issue so that your pipes can be repaired or replaced.