Professional drain cleaning is the best thing you can do to your yard drains and drain lines. It is quick and easy to do, and it gives you immediate results. Drain cleanings can also help prevent drainage problems in the future. What is the difference between a professional and DIY drain cleaning? What can homeowners get from a professional visit? We’ll explain below.

DIY vs. Professional Drain Cleanings

You probably picture a container of chemicals you buy at the grocery store that you then pour down your drain. These chemicals may not always be effective. Sometimes, these chemicals can cause damage to your pipes. Professionals use better drain cleaners and have additional tools to clean out debris and improve the efficiency of your pipes.

Why call a professional?

There are many benefits to hiring a professional drain cleaning service in Long Beach, CA. Although drain cleaners at home can clear blockages, homeowners often have slow drains and pipes.

These blockages can be removed by a licensed technician who will fully restore your pipes. A professional cleaning can also be used to remove stubborn odors from your toilet, sink, or bathtub.

What to Expect

A licensed Long Beach Plumber will use various tools during a drain cleaning service to unclog your drains. This may include using a high pressure machine to clean out grease or excess buildup on your pipes. They can then inspect your drains with cameras, looking for any signs of a larger problem.

A licensed Long Beach Plumber can explain the findings and make any recommendations. This is a simple and comprehensive way for homeowners to find out exactly what’s happening with their drain lines.

You Might Also Need

Homeowners who have stopped pages or clogs often should consider having their drains cleaned out with a camera. Camera inspections are the best way to inspect the pipes inside. Some homeowners may also need to have their pipes repaired, replaced, or re-piped in order to resolve larger piping problems.