People often try to fix a blocked drain by themselves but end up calling a Long Beach plumber when it doesn’t work out.

Many DIY drain-cleaning methods people have tried simply don’t work. Others do more harm than good. We urge you to give the following methods another chance if you are considering them.

Water down the drain using the garden hose. – Some people believe that the water-pressure will unclog the drain. It’s more likely that you will: A – Get water all over your pipes. B – Damage your plumbing pipes. Or C – Go through a lot more trouble than it accomplishes.

Drain cleaning chemical We don’t like to see store-bought chemicals in a home. These chemicals can be dangerous for children, pets, and any other person who may get the liquid on their skins or eyes.

They won’t work with a blocked drain and repeated use (as you will likely need to) could cause damage to your pipes.

Drain augers A drain auger is a handy tool for a Long Beach plumber, but if used by an inexperienced DIYer it can cause serious damage to a pipe. They are not recommended for larger pipes.

Grab a coat hanger and smack the drain clog. This will result in a bent coat hanger that is stuck to your drain clog.