Garages are a beautiful structure that can be used for many purposes. The garage can be used to protect vehicles and other items from the elements. It can also be used as a workout area, hobby space, workshop, entertainment, or work area.

It can perform many functions so it is a good idea for your garage to have a floor drain to collect any liquids or water that might leak or spill. Dirt and other debris can also get into the garage floor drain, which could cause a blockage.

Clearing the blockage can resolve most garage floor drain clogs. You can do this by removing the grate and removing any debris.

How to Unclog Garage Floor Drains

Prior to going into the steps, let’s not forget that there are two types of garage floor drains. A round floor drain is the most common. It has a hole about a foot in the concrete floor that is covered with a grate.

A trench drain is the second type. It has a rectangular opening in its floor that allows water to be collected. Trench floor drains can be more costly to install, but they are less likely to clog.

These steps will help you fix a clogged floor garage.

  1. Locate the drain in your garage. To divert water from that direction, the concrete floor should slope towards the drain.
  2. Remove the grate. The drain grate will need to be removed. The clog may also be caused by the grate being covered with debris.
  3. Check the drain for blockages. You will need a pair gloves, a flashlight, as well as a small tool such a screwdriver or trowel. Check the floor drain for debris, such as pet hair, leaves, paper products, dirt clumps, or other solid objects. Your tool can be used to clean out as much gunk (for want of better terms) from the drain.
  4. Drain with hot water After you have cleared the drain of all debris, pour hot water (but not boiling) to loosen any sediment and push it through. Important: Do not use chemical drain cleaners.
  5. Remove the grate. Keep an eye on the drain to see if it is still blocked or backed up.