Local Long Beach Plumbers use a drain snake to clear blockages from drainpipes. Our Long Beach Plumbers advise that you take care when trying to snake your bathtub drain by yourself. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and have seen homeowners try to fix the problem themselves. Don’t force a drain snake to go down the drain if it isn’t working. Contact a local Long Beach, CA Plumber near you.

Here’s why your drain snake won’t likely go down the tub drain:

  • Use the wrong size drain snake: A small drum auger is usually sufficient to clear drain clogs. These augers have cables that are approximately 15-25 feet in length. Double-check with a plumber if you are unsure which type of drain snake to use.
  • Dysfunctional drain snake: Check the condition of your drain pipe. It could have been damaged in previous usage. Drain snakes that have been used previously may still be contaminated by previous blockages. A new drain snake might be needed if this is the case.
  • Too much force: It can be tempting to force a snake through a drain with too much force when you are trying to clear a blockage. Sometimes the cable will bend back or kink if you try to force it. You can force the cable to bend or kink by extending the snake cable for a few inches until it reaches the clog.
  • Blockage that is very large: Sometimes, the blockage in your bathtub drain can be too big to be removed with a drain snake.

Sometimes, bathtub blockages can be found at the drain’s stopper mechanism. You may not need a snake if this is the case. You can still use a drain snake to fix the problem if the clog is deeper. Be careful, as we have said before. If you don’t know the proper use of a drain snake, it’s easy for your plumbing to be damaged more than necessary.