You may be asking, “Why does my toilet smell so bad?”. It’s likely that you have tried everything to clean and disinfect it, but the odor doesn’t seem to go away. It is not something that homeowners want in their bathroom. It can be a problem for all members of the household and embarrassing for guests. It may seem appealing to spray some air freshener products and light candles to mask the problem. This can actually cause indoor air pollution and increase the risk of toxins.

There are several possible causes for a toilet smell. These are the most common reasons your clean toilet smells bad:

Properly installed, blocked or damaged vent pipe

A toilet that is not working properly but still emits a foul odor, regardless of how often you clean it, is the first sign that a vent pipe problem exists. Check the area where the toilet vent pipe emits sewer gasses from your roof. The gasses will not escape if the vent pipe is blocked by leaves or other debris. This can lead to a stinky toilet.

To determine if the pipe is affected, remove any debris. In the event of a damaged or poorly installed vent pipe, you may not be able visually to see any difference. For professional diagnosis and repair, contact a plumber if you suspect this is the problem.

Broken Flanges or Toilet Bolts that Aren’t Fitting

It is easy to determine if the toilet has a loose bolt or a broken flange. The toilet will rock and wobble. To check if the bolts that attach the toilet to the flooring are tightened, the first step is to loosen them. If the smell persists, the problem may be with the wax ring and flange. These are supposed to seal the toilet and waste pipe. You should consult a plumber if you don’t know what to do with these parts of a toilet.

Toilet seals missing or damaged

Any urine or water that seeps under the toilet may encourage bacteria growth if there isn’t any caulk. This can lead to odor problems in your bathroom. You may be able seal the odor by placing a new layer of caulk around your toilet base. However, it is a good idea not to remove the toilet without cleaning underneath. Call your local Long Beach, CA Plumber if you have any questions about removing the toilet.

A damaged toilet may need to be replaced

If the problem with your toilet is not due to the bolts, vent pipe, flange or seal, then you might have a more serious issue that requires a local long Beach, CA Plumber. Are you unable to find the problem? Do you feel like you are rubbing your nose and scratching your head while trying to fix it? You need to get in touch with a professional plumber for toilet repair and replacement.