There are many things to do when you own a home. Preventive measures such as maintaining the health and integrity of your pipes and drains are often overlooked. Did you know that a regular inspection of the drains and cleaning them at least once per year can help you avoid major damage and even financial loss?

Our drains are essential for every day of our lives. These five plumbing tips will help you keep them running smoothly.

  1. Be aware of what garbage can go down the drain. Grease, eggshells and coffee grounds can clog pipes and cause damage to your disposal. It is best to catch any large or easily caught items before they reach your drain. You can catch any items that are not caught by installing drain covers in your home.
  2. Use natural remedies to clear your drains. Vinegar and baking soda are two of the best options. They can clean out your pipes and clear away any clogs. These natural remedies are better than buying chemicals to fix a drain problem. Store-bought chemicals can cause more problems and clogs than a solution, so you should avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Participate in preventive cleaning. You don’t have to deal with a drain not working. Make general maintenance of your drains a part of your weekly chores. A few tablespoons of dish soap and hot water can be rinsed down your drains biweekly or even once per month. This will help to maintain the health of your pipes and drains. Place a few ice cubes inside your garbage disposal and run cold water. Then turn it on. These little tasks can make all the difference in your plumbing’s future.
  4. Consider having a yearly cleaning service. Although it may not be necessary every year. This is a great way for your pipes and drains to be in top shape. This should be done at least once every two years to assess the condition of your pipes and drains, and to provide preventative care. It is worth the effort to have a formal cleaning done every year. This will save you money in the long-term.
  5. Know when it is time to call a professional Long Beach, CA Plumber. There are sometimes drain or pipe problems that are beyond the reach of the average homeowner. This could mean that natural remedies and store-bought solutions aren’t enough to fix the problem. Call a professional plumber to prevent further damage to your house.

Even though maintaining a healthy drain and pipe is not something that everyone wants to do, it’s an essential household task. These five plumbing tips will help you avoid disaster. In case of an emergency, be sure to know your home coverage.