Like most things in your house, pipes won’t last forever. The condition of your plumbing is something you should think about regardless of whether you have lived in your home for many years or are looking for a new one. You don’t want the unexpected cost of replacing your pipes in your home. Let’s now take a look at some signs it’s time to fix your pipes.

Age of Your Plumbing Pipes

Your plumbing will be more trouble if your pipes get older. This is not something you should worry about if your house is newer. However, if you have a long-standing home, it’s worth looking into the type of pipes you have.

Galvanized steel and brass supply lines, as well as cast iron drain line can last between 80-100 years. Copper supply lines can last 70-80 years while PVC drain lines only 25-40 years.

In addition, you should also remember that the quality of your pipes’ maintenance will have an impact on their longevity. These guidelines will help you to know when to inspect them.


Any irregularities in exposed pipes, other than age, can indicate trouble. Flaking, discoloration, stains or dimpling of tubing is a clear indication that it’s time to have it checked by a Long Beach professional repipe expert.

This is especially true if there are any leaks in the system. Even sporadic leaks could cause bigger problems throughout the home. Pipe decay can cause water color. To help prevent any leaks or other problems, these pipes should be replaced right away. 

Outside Forces

When replacing pipes, it is important to consider whether they extend beyond your home. Supply and sewer lines can be root-bound, or even crushed. Some pipes are more vulnerable to root intrusion, corrosion and plugs made from items such as diapers or tennis balls being poured down the drain.

Make sure to call a local Long Beach plumber if your pipes are clogged or you own an older home. They will conduct a camera line inspection. A professional will have all the tools and experience necessary to diagnose the problem and correct it right away. 

Remodeling Opportunities

You may want to replace your pipes if you are remodeling or just looking to make some changes. It is possible to use renovations as an opportunity for inspection and replacement of plumbing lines, which can be a great option.

A pipe evaluation can help you avoid extra costs and make sure your system works properly when you open up walls and floors. A plumber will also be available to help you if your plumbing needs change. This makes the repairs affordable.

Although plumbing pipes are essential to any home, they can also have weaknesses and become less useful over time. These signs can help you decide when it’s time to replace your pipes and when to inspect your system.