The amount of grease or greasy food products you place down the drain will determine how long it takes to clean them.

Avoid kitchen plumbing problems by not pouring grease down the drain. Instead, use a paper towel to clean grease off pots and pans before washing. Grease from residential plumbing can clog the drain line by coagulating on the pipe’s inside.

A garbage disposal can increase the frequency of your sewer cleaning. Garbage disposals can deposit more sludge into your pipes. Many people use garbage disposals more than they need. It is also quite common to abuse.

Foods that are hard, stringy, or fibrous (such as celery skin, carrots and pumpkin pulp) should not be thrown away. You should not put them in the garbage disposal.

Enzyme drain cleaners can help prolong the time between cleanings. These products can be used immediately after your sewer cleaning.