There are many reasons why a dishwasher might stop working. Sometimes, a dishwasher problem is easy to fix. Other times, it will require you to call a local Long Beach Plumber. These are some things that can help you assess the severity of your problem, and determine if it is possible to solve it yourself.

Here are some tips to troubleshoot your dishwasher.


Dishwashers will make noises during cleaning. If your dishwasher is louder than usual, it could be a sign that there is a problem. There are many reasons why a dishwasher may sound loud, including a malfunctioning pump or malfunctioning spray arms. A bearing ring may need to be replaced. A Long Beach Plumber can inspect your dishwasher and determine the cause of the problem.


If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, it can flood your kitchen and cause a lot of damage. This can sometimes happen due to problems within the drain sump. You may need a new check valve.

This problem can be solved by replacing the drain motor, pump or solenoid. Drainage problems can also be caused by obstructions in the solenoid or drain flapper.


A dishwasher’s door latch is used often and can wear down over time. To ensure it works properly, you may need to replace the latch or catch. It is easy to reach out to a Long Beach Plumber to solve your problem and ensure the job is done correctly.