Everybody has had to deal with a leaking faucet, a blocked drain or a running toilet. These are minor problems that must be addressed. They can often be left alone.

Sometimes, however, a true plumbing emergency can occur. This is a situation that cannot wait and will cause serious damage if not addressed immediately. It is crucial to manage a situation that causes major damage and prevent further problems. There are several immediate actions you can take before calling your local Emergency Long Beach Plumber.


It is crucial that you immediately turn off your water supply if you find a pipe, fixture, or appliance broken. You can do more damage to your home if water continues to leak into your home if it isn’t checked immediately.

Toilets, for instance, will have their own shutoff valves. You only need to turn off water to the area of the home that is affected by the emergency. It may be prudent to shut off the water supply to your entire house at the main valve.


The water heater is the largest appliance in your home that uses water. It can be dangerous to leave on, as it can cause serious damage. The breaker will control it, though there won’t be an on/off switch.

Also, it is important to shut off any gas heaters before you turn off the power. You should turn off the main valve if water is leaking from an area near other appliances.


It’s a good idea, to remove as much water as possible. To absorb any water, use towels and mops. Next, collect any remaining flow using buckets and buckets.

You can remove a lot of water if you have a dry/wet shop vacuum. It will not only help to minimize the damage but also make it easier to get the plumber in the area.