Drain cleaning might not be the most glamorous subject, but it’s essential for maintaining a smooth-running household. While everyone knows that drains need cleaning, the “when and how” can often be confusing. In this blog, we’ll walk you through a seasonal approach to cleaning your drains, which not only ensures that you get to it but also maximizes effectiveness based on your household’s specific needs.

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Closets

Kitchen Drains

Springtime means you’re likely to start cooking lighter and fresher meals, reducing the amount of grease and food particles going down your kitchen sink. It’s a perfect time to give these drains a thorough cleaning after the heavy use they’ve probably seen during the winter holidays.

Shower Drains

With winter over, your shower drain will likely have accumulated soap scum and hair. Spring is the time to tackle this, to prepare for the increased summer usage.

A Sunny Time for Drain Maintenance

Pool Drains

If you have a pool, then summer is when it sees the most use. Before diving in, make sure your pool drains are free of debris and functioning well.

Bathroom Drains

Summer often means guests, and that means more usage of your bathroom drains. A pre-summer cleaning can preempt any unpleasant occurrences.

Fall into Good Habits

Outdoor Drains

As leaves begin to fall, they often find their way into outdoor drains, leading to potential clogs. Make sure to clean these drains before winter comes.

Basement Drains

Autumn is also the season to inspect your basement drains. Given that basements are prone to flooding, a clean drain can help mitigate potential damage.

Winter Precautions

Sink Drains

During the holiday season, your sink drains see more action due to festive cooking and gatherings. Prepare by cleaning them thoroughly before the season starts.

All Drains

It’s wise to pour antifreeze agents down your drains to prevent freezing and bursting in extreme temperatures.


Cleaning your drains shouldn’t be a haphazard action but rather a planned, seasonal affair. By aligning your drain maintenance with the unique needs of each season, you can ensure the longevity of your plumbing system while also enjoying a cleaner, more efficient home.