In the ever-evolving domain of plumbing, the synergy between cutting-edge tools and high-quality materials is pivotal. Particularly, the process of pressing 1.5″ copper has undergone revolutionary advancements, courtesy of the innovative contributions from brands like Ridgid and Viega. In this blog, we steer away from the beaten path to delve deep into some new and exciting ideas, offering fresh perspectives and advice to those keen on mastering the art of copper pressing with these industry stalwarts.

Innovative Techniques with Ridgid

When we talk about copper pressing, achieving precision and efficiency is paramount. Ridgid, with its modern solutions, facilitates seamless installations that are not just time-saving but also environmentally friendly. One of the remarkable advancements is the incorporation of Bluetooth technology in their pressing tools. This feature allows for real-time tool diagnostics, enabling professionals to monitor the performance and maintenance schedules effectively.

Furthermore, the emphasis on ergonomic design by Ridgid enhances user comfort, minimizing the physical strain which is often a significant concern in plumbing projects. When using Ridgid pressing tools, exploring the use of their latest attachments and accessories can lead to a significant enhancement in the quality of the job done, enabling intricate work with 1.5″ copper that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Viega’s Contribution to Sustainable Plumbing

Viega, on the other hand, brings to the table an array of products that emphasize environmental sustainability without compromising on the performance aspect. Their ProPress copper fittings, specifically designed for larger diameters including 1.5″, are an excellent choice for professionals aiming for installations that are leak-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, Viega fosters innovation by offering press fitting systems that can be utilized in gas and water installations alike, demonstrating versatility and promoting safety through their smart connect feature which helps in identifying unpressed connections. Adopting Viega’s revolutionary pressing method not only ensures speed but also reliability, a vital aspect when handling materials like 1.5″ copper.


The pressing of 1.5″ copper stands at a juncture where tradition meets innovation, thanks to the contributions from Ridgid and Viega. As we look towards a future where plumbing marries technology and sustainability, embracing the new advancements from these brands can be a game-changer. From utilizing Bluetooth technology to adopting environmentally-friendly fittings, the horizon is expanding, offering professionals a chance to redefine excellence in plumbing projects. It’s time to step into the future of plumbing with confidence, leveraging the best that the industry has to offer.