These are some suggestions from our plumbers to help you deal with plumbing emergencies in cold environments.

A Pipe Burst

You should turn off the main water supply. Lower the pressure by opening the faucets on the lowest level of your home, usually the basement. Then, identify the exact problem. If the problem is in the hot water line, turn off the water supply to the heater.

Turn the main line on again so that cold water can still be used while the pipe repairs are being completed. Turn off the water heater if the water is not being used for a long time.

Frozen Sink Drain

Long Beach plumbers recommend that you fill the sink using very hot water and a few tablespoons of table salt. Salt can penetrate the ice to melt it if it is not too close to the sink.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

Grease is the main reason for most sink clogs. Simply pour boiling water down your drain. Wait a while, then plunge with a plunger. Our Long Beach plumbers recommend that you place a drain stopper inside one bowl and then plunge the opposite side.

Bathtub Clogs

You can try to plunge the drain but make sure you stuff a rag or cover the overflow to prevent it from blowing out.

Sewer Issues

Sometimes, a sewer problem can cause drains to back up. Our Long Beach plumbers recommend flushing the toilet to check. If the basement sink is blocked, it’s likely that there’s water in it. To allow for adequate drain time, use water sparingly. Unplug the sump pump if it is leaking into the sewer. Otherwise, sewage can flow through the drain.

Toilet Plugged

A plunger is best for a moderate to small clog. A closet auger is a good option for a stubborn clog. However, it can be risky. Do not flush a toilet if it is blocked or overflowing. Turn off the water supply to the toilet by turning the knob located under the toilet.

No Hot water

If there is no hot running water, it is likely that one of the following things is wrong with your heater. If the water pressure is not dropping but there is cold water, then it is likely that your pilot light is out or a blown fuse. To check if the pilot lamp is on, turn off a gas-fired appliance. Long Beach Plumbers recommend following the instructions on how to relight. Check the fuse panel for an electric unit and flip the correct circuit switch to “on”.

Lower Water Pressure

Our Long Beach plumbers will recommend checking your water heater for any signs of leakage. Turn off the valve at the top of your unit if it is leaking. Next, turn off the fuel. For a gas-fired unit turn the gas control valve off, or flip the circuit switch off for an electrical unit.