Heating water is vital throughout the year. However, it is more crucial in winter. A properly installed heater can last for up to 10 years. To increase efficiency and effectiveness, we will share some water heater tips.

Long Beach plumbers can help with water heater repair, replacement or installation. Experienced plumbers are generally skilled and well-trained and possess the latest technology and tools to deliver quick and lasting results.

Lower Temperature

Most water heaters default to 140 degrees. This setting is not adjustable by property owners. Hot water temperatures for washing machines are limited to 130 degrees. You can reduce the thermostat to 130 or 120 degrees.

Use Cold Water

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 18% of household energy costs are due to water heaters. To save energy and protect your clothes from shrinking, color fading, and breaking down, you can use warm or cold water for laundry loads.

You can use cold water to wash your hands, brush your teeth and do basic grooming.

Insulate Water Tank

To prevent heat loss, insulate your water tank and the first few feet connected hot and cold water pipes. Follow all instructions from the manufacturer to avoid damaging your unit and increasing fire danger.

Drain the Hot Water Tank

Minerals can build up in water tanks, which can cause heat loss and reduce efficiency. This can lead to water becoming discolored or sour. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for further information and call a licensed plumber.

Old Appliances

Older water heaters can burst or break down more easily