Clogged drains are a common problem for homeowners and businesses. Tree roots and foreign objects can get stuck in your pipes. This can lead to sluggish drains and sewer backups. You might need a stronger tool if your plumbing snake or plunger is not able to clear the blockage.

Hydro-jetting could be the answer to your blocked drains and sewers. This advanced plumbing technology uses high-pressure water to clear all obstructions in drains. It is widely used as the best clog removal method.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning:

Let’s first define hydro jet cleaning before we get into the benefits. A hydro jet drain cleaning procedure involves a professional plumber attaching a machine to the mainline. This pressurizes water and creates a powerful stream of water that clears the drain. Your pipes will be cleaned using pressurized water. This will push all grease, mineral and hair down the drain. This can also be used to remove stubborn roots or clogs from your sewer-lines in order to restore water flow.

Hydro-Jet Cleaning: Benefits

Consistent and Accurate Cleaning

Hydro-jetting has the advantage of clearing all accumulated material from your underground pipes without digging up your yard. High-pressure water is sprayed into the drains or sewage systems to break down tree roots. The water jet’s sheer power can remove any grease, hair, soaps, minerals, or tree roots from your pipes. The water jet clears the pipe’s inner surface, allowing liquids to flow unrestricted.

Lowers Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria buildup can occur due to all the materials that travel through your pipes. Are you aware of foul odors coming from your drains. This is the odor caused by bacteria growing in your pipes. This bacteria growth can cause unpleasant odors and even be harmful to your health. This is something you don’t want to inhale.

Efficient and Powerful for Residual Removing

Hydro-Jet cleaning can be more effective than many other methods of drain cleaning. Hydro-Jet cleaning can reach deeper into the buildup to remove roots, rocks, and minerals. An expert Long Beach Plumber will be able to calculate the pressure required to remove any debris from your pipes, as hydro-jets come in many sizes.

Provides Optimal Mobility

You must exercise extreme caution when dealing with pipes within older structures. Older pipes can be fragile and unstable in some cases. It is not a good idea to open pipes to clean them. This can lead to costly repairs. Hydro jet drain cleaning uses the machine’s water hose directly to reach the pipe and remove all dirt. Hydro-jetting is best for older plumbing systems.

More Economical, Environmentally Safe

Hydro jet cleaning does more than just clean out any residue. It also leaves your pipes free from bacteria! Its powerful stream of water is strong enough to remove grease, soap, and scum from your drains.

Despite all the other benefits, the price is the last thing you should consider. The price is obviously the most obvious thing that comes to mind. It is important to fully understand the benefits and effectiveness of a product before you make a cost-based purchase.

Hydro jet cleaning is an affordable option. This is a much cheaper option than opening your pipes to do a thorough cleaning. It can also delay the need to book another appointment to clear tree roots or obstructions for up to four times as long as a traditional mechanical snake process.

Because no digging is required, the whole process takes less time and allows home and business owners to return to normal as soon as possible. This solution is also environmentally friendly because it only requires high-pressure water. It doesn’t cost much to purchase harmful chemicals, which can quickly add up and cause damage to the environment.