Nobody wants to deal with a slow-draining toilet or a leaky toilet which can waste hundreds upon hundreds of gallons every day. Toilets are one of the most frequently used fixtures in your house and more likely to experience problems. While some of these tasks should be left to professional plumbers, others can be done by you. These are the essential tips to ensure your toilet runs smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t flush any unneeded items

Only two things should ever be put down on your toilet: human waste and toilet papers. Do not flush any items in your toilet bowl. This will help ensure that your toilet runs at its best. You should dispose of any other items, such as baby wipes, feminine products or foreign objects, in the trash can. Even though toilet paper is supposed to be flushed down the toilet bowl, too many can cause a blockage. You should only use as much toilet paper as you actually need. Also, avoid flushing too many at once.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

It’s tempting to pour a chemical drainage cleaner down the toilet bowl to clear out a blockage. These products could cause damage to your toilet and drain pipes because of their harsh chemical components. A plunger or an auger is the best way to clear your toilet. If the plunger or auger doesn’t work, you can call a professional Long Beach, CA Plumber to fix the problem.

You should check for leaks regularly

You should not ignore a leaky toilet. It can lead to a loss of water and a spike in your water bills. The most common cause is that your flapper isn’t properly seated in your toilet valve seat. A cracked valve seat, or a failed gasket could also be the cause. To stop the leakage, tighten your toilet flapper and replace your damaged gasket. Check the valve to make sure it is securely in place. Last but not least, water overflowing from a tank usually indicates that the valve isn’t tight enough to prevent water from entering the tank.

Look out for wobbles

It can cause problems with your toilet’s performance if it is too loose or not fixed to the floor properly. There is an easy solution. You can simply tighten the bolts or nuts that have become loose. The wax seal can be damaged by any movement in your toilet, which could lead to major repairs and leaks. To replace the toilet bowl or seat, contact a professional Long Beach, CA Plumber immediately.