A sewer inspection is generally part of any effort you put towards annual home maintenance.

Sewer Line Issues

Sewer inspections are crucial because If something was to go wrong, plumbing issues can become costly over time.

Replacing sewer lines is no easy thing to do. There is a large amount of labor that takes place. Other than replacing the sewer lines, you’ll have to also redo your driveway and/or landscaping. This depends on where your system is located. Some sewer line clogs develop slowly. 

Dealing With Insurance

Getting your insurance to assist in paying for the replacement means jumping through a several hoops and most often they do not pay for any plumbing repairs. They will often pay for diagnosis and access and put back but unfortunately they will not pay for any of the plumbing related work that needs to be done. They will pay for the ensuing water damage but not for the actual pluming repairs.

They’ll may also deny the claim because you neglected to perform maintenance which is your duty as a homeowner. Insurance companies pay for sudden and accidental losses not wear and tear. Most sewer line problems develop slowly and are not sudden and accidental. Typically sewer lines tend to last for a long time around 40 years. Prevention is always your  best defense.

Why Inspections Are Necessary

Avoiding routine maintenance towards your own home means you’ll constantly get blockages, cracks, roots in the line and other severe problems. Acting quickly to fix small problems protects you against really bad backups or other unpleasantries.

Routine maintenance will make your home last much longer. Thus, you won’t have to repair or replace your entire system as quickly

Tree Roots Can Cause Some Problems

Other than normal wear and tear, roots from trees and other plants can cause some bad problems. In fact, sewer pipes are incredible sources of water and nourishment for plant and tree life.

Roots in drains always seems to be a common plumbing problem. The roots can grab and get into the smallest hole or crack. Even from growing indoors. Regular inspections allow you to detect these issues prior to developing or getting worse.