If water isn’t coming out of the shower head after you have removed the diverter from the tub spout you might have two problems with your plumbing.

Our Long Beach Plumbers suggest that you first check first to make sure that the strainer of your shower head is free from calcium and mineral deposits. Pulling up on the tub faucet will not bring the water to the shower head if it is blocked. To dissolve buildup, remove the shower head from the tub and soak it in vinegar for 24 hours.

The tub spout diverter may have failed if the shower head isn’t blocked. This is a minor repair that can be done easily. Before calling in professional plumbers in Long Beach, CA, you might try to replace the tub spout yourself. Tub spouts can be screwed to the pipe or have an o-ring which is compressed onto the pipe. An allen screw holds the spout in its place. The plumbing problem can be solved by replacing the tub spout.