Plumbing leaks can lead to property damage and costly repairs. It’s possible that other issues could also be causing leaks. Learn how to spot a leak in your home before it causes serious damage.

What is the best way to detect a leak

The signs of a water leak in your home are obvious. An unusual rise in your water bills could be a sign you have a problem. To check if your water meter is showing usage, turn off the water supply. A leak may be detected if the meter shows usage over two hours. It can be difficult to find and fix plumbing leaks.

Benefits of Installing a Leak Detection System

Leak detection systems can help prevent expensive damage. This will allow homeowners to skip the frustrating task of finding out if there’s a leak.

What does a leak detection system do?

Leak detection systems monitor water flow through your pipes and shut off any water flow to stop damage. Any problem, including a burst pipe or an overflowing tub, can be detected early to prevent it from becoming more severe.