How often do you see your drain lines in your home? It is almost never. It is possible to have serious drain problems. Here are five ways you can make sure they are clear.

Take a look at Greasy Food

Grease can lead to major problems if it goes down the drain. Avoid eating greasy food and sauces.

Don’t let your hair fall out

Hair can block drains and pipes, making it difficult to get rid of with a plunger. To stop hair from running down the drain, use a fine mesh hair catcher.

Soap Scum

Clogs can also be caused by soap scum. Clogs can also be caused by soap scum.

Clean Drain Lines

Prevention is key. Long Beach plumbers can clean your drains and save you money.

Copper Sulfate

Roots can cause major problems for drain lines. Half a cup copper sulfurate crystals should be used once per month in your toilet. Copper sulfate can be safely used. It won’t affect your tree/bush.