Every day, plumbing is essential for household life. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, an average American family consumes around 400 gallons of water each day. 70% of water used indoors, which includes all water consumption in the kitchen, bathroom, and washing machine. These areas are vital to the daily life of a household.

When it comes to household plumbing, functionality is crucial. These essentials can become unwieldy over time if mistakes are made. To avoid future problems, it is important to be educated about your plumbing system. Nobody ever plans to have unexpected plumbing problems.

Surprises are not fun at a birthday party. Plumbing mistakes are not a party situation. These are the top plumbing errors that can take homeowners by surprise.


Drains are an essential part of a working plumbing system. When homeowners put hazardous products down their drains, they can cause problems. A variety of household products can cause damage to the house’s drainage system. Clogged drains can be caused by a variety of household items, including vegetable peelings, grease, fats and oils, as well as fruit and vegetable peelings.

Everyday bathroom use can cause drain blockages. This can be caused by shampoos, soaps and oils, as well as cotton balls, medications, and flushable wipes. All of the items on this list are likely to be added to your household’s “No-Fly” list. To keep your drains clean, you can throw these items in the garbage.


Drain cleaners are designed to clean your drains. Drain cleaners can become the enemy number one because of misuse and overuse. A drain cleaner may pose a danger to homeowners. Drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are designed to clear and break down drain blockages.

Sometimes, drains can be damaged by the harsh chemicals of the cleaner. The drain cleaner may not notice the blockage if it is only a small one. It’s much better to hire a professional to do the job than to just pour chemicals down the drain blindly.


Many people neglect their fixtures. With daily bathroom and kitchen use, faucets often take the brunt. Leakage can be caused by repetitive pulling and pushing on the faucet handle. Shower heads feel the pressure when the shower caddies pull on the fixture.

Shower heads can be damaged by heavy shampoos or other shower products. You can extend the life of your plumbing fixtures by taking care to prevent future problems.


Although it is easy for homeowners to ignore plumbing issues, this can lead to higher costs down the road. If left untreated, a small leak could quickly become a bigger problem. With time, problems will get worse. Plumbing problems should be a cause of concern. Do not wait for the problem to go away.


Do-it-yourself plumbing can often make a problem worse. Do-it-yourself plumbing is not a good idea. Some jobs are more difficult than you think. There are many parts to plumbing fixtures and pipes, which can lead to confusion when they are put back together.

For those who are not qualified or experienced in this field, it may be a challenging task. While some may believe they are saving money, mistakes and errors could lead to a worse situation.