Repiping involves the replacement of your existing pipes with newer ones. Pipes have a short lifespan so it is important to replace them when they become damaged or corroded. Long Beach, CA water and waste repiping is included in our services. Our experts are able to replace your pipes with skill and expertise, regardless of what the cause is.

A1 Best Plumbing works with trusted electricians to handle electrical hookups as well as plumbing. Nearly all our customers realize that electrical problems must be addressed during a repipe. Both the repipe as well as electrical issues can be solved together with our turnkey services.

We understand that you want your repiping as painless as possible.

Water & Waste Repiping

A trained professional should perform water heater or waste heater replacements. Expert plumbers manage and perform Long Beach, CA repiping.


Repiping is a great option for homeowners as well as businesses. Here are some benefits to consider when replacing your pipes at home.

  • Reduced water heater
  • Increased water pressure
  • Drinking water of higher quality
  • Problems with your plumbing?


Repiping can also increase the value of your home. Installing new plumbing can help you increase the asking price if you’re selling or considering selling your home.

New piping is a valuable asset that buyers will consider, especially since they won’t have to worry about plumbing problems after moving in.

Installations of water mains

We not only take care of your pipes, but also replace or repair water mainlines that run into the street.

We will remove any damaged parts and replace the old piping with this flexible, durable piping. We can also use a directional drill to replace more complex or extensive parts if necessary.

A1 Best Plumbing offers a turnkey service that can handle everything related to your water main installation. We can also repair concrete, sheetrock and any other flooring or landscaping damaged during installation or repair.