When it comes to water pressure, more isn’t always better. Many homeowners equate high water pressure with a luxurious shower or quick-filling sinks, but did you know that too much water pressure can have detrimental effects on your home’s plumbing? In this blog, we’ll explore the risks that high water pressure poses and introduce some cutting-edge solutions you might not have considered before.

What’s The Deal With High Water Pressure?

High water pressure is generally anything above 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). While it might make for a great shower, it can be extremely hard on your plumbing system. Over time, this excessive force can lead to leaks, broken pipes, and other plumbing issues.

Uncommon Solutions to a Common Problem:

  1. Smart Pressure Gauges: Traditional gauges give you a reading, but smart gauges can alert you via a mobile app if the water pressure reaches a level that could be harmful to your plumbing.
  2. Adjustable Pressure Regulators: While standard regulators are set to a certain PSI, adjustable models allow you to fine-tune water pressure according to your specific needs.
  3. Pressure Release Valves: Installing a specialized valve can release pressure automatically if it crosses a certain threshold, thus acting as a safeguard.
  4. Regular Thorough Inspections: Instead of just looking for leaks, a comprehensive inspection should check the integrity of your pipes under different water pressure levels.

Expert Insights:

  1. Whole-Home Water Monitoring Systems: These systems not only detect leaks but also monitor water pressure, giving you a complete overview of your plumbing’s health.
  2. Consult Before Renovation: If you’re considering a home renovation, consult a plumber to assess how it might impact your water pressure.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Go Smart: Upgrade to smart pressure gauges for real-time monitoring.
  2. Automatic Safeguards: Consider installing adjustable pressure regulators and pressure release valves.
  3. Holistic Approach: Invest in a whole-home water monitoring system.


Excessive water pressure is an under-discussed but significant issue that can damage your home’s plumbing. From the smart technology that alerts you to pressure spikes to specialized valves that release excess pressure, several innovative solutions can protect your home. Recognizing the risks associated with high water pressure is the first step toward safeguarding your plumbing system for the long haul.