When it comes to bathroom repairs or renovations, upgrading your shower can enhance your daily experience. If you’re thinking about this project, Uponor PEX press adapters and PEX can simplify the process and ensure a reliable, efficient installation.

This blog will guide you step-by-step through the steps to replace a shower head using Uponor PEX, press adapters and valuable expert advice.

Gather the Tools and Materials

Before starting a project, it is important to gather the required materials and tools. These include Uponor PEX tubes, press adapters a press, pipe cutters a valve removal device, adjustable wrenches a thread sealant, and pipe cutters. It is important to have the right materials and tools available for the installation.

Turn off the water supply

Before beginning any plumbing project, turn off the shower water supply. Close the main water shutoff valve of your home to prevent water from flowing to the shower. It’s a good idea also to open a nearby water faucet to release the remaining pressure.

Remove the Old Shower Valve

Use a valve-removal tool or adjustable wrenches in order to disconnect the water supply line. Remove all screws or fasteners holding the valve in place. Once the old valve has been removed from the wall, remove it, being careful not to damage the tile or plumbing around the valve.

Prepare the Uponor Pex Tubing

To connect the new shower valve, measure and cut the Uponor Uponor PEX tube to the required length. To ensure clean and accurate cuts, use pipe cutters designed specifically to cut PEX tubing. Deburr cut ends to remove any rough surfaces that could prevent proper sealing.

Install the Press Adapters

Slide the press connectors onto each end the cut Uponor PEX tube. Be sure that they are seated and aligned correctly with the tubing. The press adapters are a simple and reliable way to connect the shower valve. They eliminate the need for traditional threading or soldering.

Connect the Uponor Uponor PEX Tubing with the Shower Valve

Align the press Adapters with the corresponding ports for inlet and output on the new valve. Apply a slight pressure to make sure the shower valve is snug. Position the press tool on top of the press adapter and press firmly with the appropriate size jaws until the tool indicates the proper connection. Repeat the process for both ends of the Uponor UponorPEX tubing.

Shower Valve Installation

Secure the valve using the provided screws or fasteners once the Uponor PEX tubing has been connected to the shower. Before tightening the screws, make sure the valve is aligned properly and that it is level. This step is vital to ensuring a secure and stable install.

Test the New Shower Valve

Open the newly installed valve. Check for any drips or leaks around the connections. If necessary, make minor alterations to achieve an airtight seal. Allow the water to run for a couple of minutes to flush any debris that has accumulated during installation.


Changing a shower head using Uponor PEX with press adapters is a quick and easy way to improve your showering experience. Following the steps outlined on this blog will help you to successfully complete this project. You can then enjoy the benefits that come with a properly installed valve. Remember to gather your tools and materials. Turn off the water supply. Remove the old valve. Prepare the Uponor PEX Tubing.

Install the press Adapters, connect the tubing with the shower valve, secure it in place, then test for leaks. Using Uponor PEX, press adapters and a reliable installation will enhance your shower routine for many years.