Have you ever noticed a pool of water under your fridge? We all want our appliances to be in top shape but that is not always possible. Sometimes, appliances can go out of service but they are sometimes repairable. These are some quick ways to stop your refrigerator from leaking .


Sometimes all you refrigerator needs is a fresh filter. Filters eventually begin to leak water as they wear down over time. It’s time for you to replace your filter if it has been around for a while. To get another, simply go to your local hardware shop. The instructions should include clear instructions on how to remove the old fixture and install the new one. The swap should resolve the leakage problem.


Defrost drains can become blocked over time with different materials. They are located in the fridge, usually on the ceiling between the freezer and refrigerator. This means they are exposed to many things.

Check the drain for any food or ice. It may be coated with food or ice. To melt ice, pour hot water into the drain. Use a sturdy wire or a tool to clean up the area if it is food.


Water may be forming under your refrigerator’s ice maker. This is easily fixed. Turn off the water supply to the valve located under the sink. You may be able to find it in your basement, directly beneath the fridge. To stop the puddle from growing, turn off the water flow to the ice maker. Call your local Long Beach plumber to discuss the best way to proceed.