The increasing use of home amenities has resulted in more people working from their homes. The demand for home maintenance tips that are reliable is increasing exponentially as people learn to fix their own homes. This blog will help you unclog your garbage disposal or kitchen sink.

Garbage Disposal Clogs: Some Reasons

The most common cause of clogs at your garbage disposal is clogs caused by ingredients in cakes or pie crusts. You can quickly damage your sink by putting food down the drain.

If the water supply is not adequate, a garbage disposal can quickly become clogged with hard food such as avocado pits, cobs, and grease. If you do not maintain your garbage disposal properly, it could cause a decline in performance and malfunction.

Before you try to repair something, be sure to check the owner’s manual. To ensure safety, you should unplug the disposal before you attempt any repairs.

Garbage disposal

  1. Make certain that the disposal is switched off and that no movement has taken place
  2. Use a flashlight to locate the source of the blockage. Do not touch the drain opening.
  3. Push the end of a wooden probe (such as a broom handle or large wooden spoon) up against the impeller to release it (the blades that grind the garbage).
  4. If you have difficulty clearing the clog, use a wide-mouthed shovel. The drain should open with a loud popping sound.
  5. Allow the blades to cool for 20 minutes after they have stopped moving.
  6. After 20 min, shut off the power supply. Hit the reset button.
  7. Hot water is the best way to clean out food and sludge.

That’s all! This is a simple solution to a common problem. You may need to look into a more complex issue if you try this multiple times.