After discovering water in your crawl space, the first thing you should do is to determine what caused it to leak. If mold starts to grow, even a little bit of water can cause serious damage to your property and health.

Additionally, you may also find water puddles or damp walls or water trickling from above. Any water in your crawl space could be dangerous. Check the following items to find out if they are the cause.

Poor Landscape Drainage

Heavy rain can cause puddles to form on the ground. If your landscape does not have proper drainage, puddling can get worse.

Perhaps you live close to a mountain and all the water is rushing around your house. You would need to install slopes or graded properties to divert the water from your home.

Missing or defective gutters and downspouts

Downspouts and gutters can be used to redirect rainwater away from your home. They collect the water and send it elsewhere. If you don’t have gutters or downspouts, rainwater will build up around your home and eventually end up in your crawl space.

Flooding problems can occur if your gutters aren’t working properly or if they become blocked. For a better defense against flooding and rain, make sure your downspouts are at least four feet from your home.

Window Wells that are not working properly

Most crawl spaces will have a small vent or window outside of the home that is designed to keep water out. You could find that water is entering your crawl space through a window or vent that was poorly designed or damaged. You should keep an eye on the vents and windows next time it rains to see if water is getting in.

Broken Water Lines and Water Heater

Broken water lines can often be caused by plumbing. Your water heater and water lines are constantly sending water through your home to your toilet, sink, and other plumbing fixtures. Leakage could be causing water to flow directly into your crawl space if anything is damaged or worn out.

Sanitary sewer backups

Sometimes sewer systems can become overwhelmed by heavy rains and not be able to handle all the incoming sewage. Rain can back up sewers and cause them to flow through the drains. If the sewage is clogged, it can also cause this.

How do I get rid of water in my crawl space?

It’s not about getting rid of the water, but fixing the problem that caused it. Perhaps your gutters are the cause. You can clean them out to prevent water from accumulating in your crawl space. The water will then dry itself.

Long Beach Plumbers can help you find the source of the problem and fix it before the water gets worse. A sump pump may be an option, but it might not solve the problem permanently. The best thing to do is find the source and fix it.