The home’s water and sewer system connects underground lines to main city sewers and water lines. An underground pipe could leak for many reasons, including tree roots or clogging. No matter what the reason, homeowners should fix underground plumbing leaks as soon possible.

If an underground plumbing leak is not addressed promptly, soil around the foundation of the house can become so wet and soft from water that the foundation may shift. Repair can be very costly if water damage is done to a house. To prevent further damage, homeowners should be aware that underground water leaks can lead to more serious problems.

Signs of an Underground Water Leak

  • There are puddles of water around the yard
  • Tall grass patches
  • Water bills are rising
  • Running water sounds like running water
  • Low water pressure

Puddles of water rising up in your yard is one indicator of hidden water leaks. You may notice patches of grass growing higher than others because the underground leak is causing the grass to grow more. As the water is emitted from the pipe, homeowners may experience an increase in their utility bills.

An issue with the plumbing fixtures could also be visible. Because the plumbing system is connected, any leakage in one part of it will cause problems elsewhere. A leaky underground pipe could lead to low water pressure in the shower heads or faucets.

The Water Meter is available for Inspection

Because underground pipes are often hidden from view, it can be difficult to identify a leak. A home’s water meter can reveal if there is an underground leak in the plumbing system. The first thing homeowners should do is turn off the main water supply.

After the water line valve is turned off, homeowners should be on the lookout for the water meters. If the water meter shows water running, even though the water line is shut off, it could indicate a leak.

Schedule Water Line Leak Detection Service

A trusted Long Beach Plumber is the best way to quickly diagnose the problem and get it repaired. In case of an emergency, homeowners should always keep a reliable plumber on call. A leak detector can be quickly used by professional Long Beach Plumbers to locate the underground source of the leak.

Underground water leak repair can be difficult because it is not possible to damage the foundation or yard. With the most up-to-date technology, Long Beach Plumbing Companies can quickly find underground water leaks and fix them more efficiently.