Homeowners can make improvements to their plumbing systems as the new year approaches. The plumbing system is an essential part of any home. A faulty line, or other issue, can lead to severe damage and heartache. These issues can be very costly and homeowners should rectify their plumbing system before they face them.

No Drain Flushable Items

Plumbing maintenance technicians often see non-flushable objects causing blockages or tears in pipes and drains. Non-flushable objects are one of the most common causes of plumbing problems.

These are the things that shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet:

  • Oil
  • Toys
  • Baby wipes
  • Food
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Diapers
  • Cotton Products

Inadvertently flushing any of the above items can lead to backups that flood homes, causing horrible stench. It is best to contact a local Long Beach Plumber if this happens.

Watch out for water leak warning signs

Sometimes, it can be difficult to spot water leakages in pipes. It can also cause health problems for homeowners if they allow the pipes to drip. Hidden water leaks can cause damage to flooring or walls. Even if the walls are only wet for a small amount of water, the damage can be severe. This can cause mold growth and attract pests and insects to your home.

Black mold can cause wall damage and may even lead to damage to the flooring. Hidden leaks could cause floorboards to rise in bathrooms or kitchens. Look out for bumps in the ceiling, floor and walls. Water leaking may also cause puddles that dry up throughout the day. It is crucial to repair water leaks!

Water leak repair is essential to prevent further damage. The severity of the leak will also continue to increase. Homeowners can have burst pipes that let water in their homes instead of a small puddle.

Routine Drain Maintenance

Numerous Long Beach Plumbing Companies offer routine drain maintenance plans that are annual. It is not too late for homeowners to act now! There are some things homeowners can do to prevent a blocked drain or clear it up, but it’s best to call in a local Long Beach Plumber

Routine drain maintenance is a better option than waiting for the system’s to break or clog. It can save homeowners hundreds of bucks a year in repairs. Drain maintenance clears any obstructions or buildup.

Sometimes, the buildup can include food, chemicals, or oils that stick. The buildup of backups will not disappear. For drain cleaning, homeowners should call a local Long Beach Plumber.