Here are a few recommendations from our plumbers on how to properly handle plumbing emergencies during the winter.

A Pipe Burst

Make sure to shut off the main water, lower pipe pressure by opening the faucets at the lowest level of the home, generally the basement. Next, make sure to identify the exact location of the problem. If it’s the hot water line, be certain to turn off the water supply into the water heater. Now, turn the main line back on so cold water can be used while the pipe is being fixed. If the water will be off for a good amount of time, make sure to turn off the water heater.

Frozen Sink Drain

Our Long Beach Plumbers suggest that you fill the sink with very hot water and about a handful of table salt. If the ice is close to the sink, the salt can generally penetrate to melt the ice.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

A majority of sink clogs are due to grease. Just simple pour boiling water down the drain. Now wait a few minutes then use a plunger. For double-bowl sinks, our Long Beach plumbers suggest that you hold down a drain stopper in one bowl while you plunge the other side.

Bathtub Clogs

Try plunging the drain, but stuff make sure to stuff a rag in or cover the overflow so as not to blow the air out.

Sewer Problems

At times, drains back up due to a sewer problem. To check, our Long Beach Plumbers recommend that you flush the toilet. If water bubbles up in the basement sink, the sewer is backed up. Use water sparingly to give way for ample drain time. If the sump dump pumps into the sewer, unplug it or sewage will pump through the sink.

Plugged Toilet

For a small to severely moderate clog, use a plunger. For a more stubborn clog, it is possible, although slightly risky to use a closet auger. If the toilet is clogged and overflowing, do not try to flush. Turn off the toilet’s water supply using the knob on the water supply pipe under the toilet.

No Hot Water

Generally when there is no hot water, one of three things is probably wrong with your water heater. If there is no loss of water pressure, but the water supply is cold, it’s probably a burned out pilot light or a blown fuse. Check a gas-fired unit to see if the pilot light is off. Our Long Beach Plumbers recommend that you follow the unit’s instructions to relight. For an electric unit, check the fuse panel and flip the correct circuit breaker to “on”.

Reduced Water Pressure

If there is a reduction in water pressure, our Long Beach Plumbers recommend that you check your water heater for leakage. If leaking, turn the valve on the top of the unit off. Next, shut off the fuel. Turn the gas control valve off for a gas-fired unit, or flip the circuit breaker off for an electric unit.