Leaking pipe joints can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Not only can it cause damage to your property but it can also lead to increased utility costs. You can fix the leaky pipe joint yourself without needing to hire a professional plumber. We will guide you step-by-step through how to repair a leaking joint in this blog.

Locate the leak

The first thing to do when repairing a leaking pipe is to locate the leak. Water stains or dampness in the ceiling or on walls may indicate that a pipe joint is leaking. Look for any visible signs that the pipes are leaking or corroding, such as discoloration and rust. Once you have found the leak location, turn off water supply to that area to prevent further water damage.

Prepare the Area

Before you fix the leaky pipe, you must prepare the area. Remove any debris or obstructions around the pipes. You may have to clean your pipes with a sandpaper or wire brush to remove any debris and rust.

Joint Compound

Once the pipes have dried, apply joint compound at the leaking joints. Joint compound is used as a sealant to fill in cracks and prevent leaks. Apply the compound around the leaking area, covering it completely. Apply enough compound to cover any gaps or cracked joints.

Wrap the Joint With Tape

Wrap the leaking joint in self-adhesive film after applying joint compound. Self-adhesive is a waterproof, easy to apply tape that provides an additional layer of protection from leaks. Wrap the tape around the joint tightly, making sure that it covers all of the pipe and the joint.

Let the Joint Compound Air Dry

After applying the joint compound, let it dry for several days or even overnight. The drying times may vary depending upon the type and conditions of the joint compound. It is crucial to allow the compound completely dry before turning back on the water.

Turn on the water supply

Once the joint compounds has dried, turn the water on and check to see if there are any leaks. If the repair is successful, there will be no leaks. If you still notice leaks, it may be necessary to repeat the process, or you can call a professional for assistance.


Fixing a leaking piping joint is a relatively easy task. All you need are the right tools. Follow the steps outlined in this article to quickly and easily repair a pipe joint that is leaking. Remember to turn the water off before starting the repairs and let the compound dry completely before turning it back on. Call a plumber for help if you encounter any issues during the process.